Getting tired of paying too much money for some “little” house repairs?

Did something “break” in your house? Are you planning to call the “repair” person? Hold on! Something that just broke can sometimes be easily fixed if you just take the time to learn how. That’s what I’ve been doing lately after I got tired of paying “professionals” doing “some” certain repairs that I could’ve done my self and save some “little” money! For example, before I got more “handy”, I called a local electrician to fix the bell of my door bell. The only thing I had to do was replace the “50 year-old” (guess estimation) bell! I could’ve saved “labor cost” I paid the guy to replaced it. Today, I decided to fix my door bell trigger (that enables the bell noise) after watching this video (down below) that I found through “googling”. I wished I did this with the door “bell” 2 years ago! It took me only 15 minutes or so to figure out the problem. I unscrewed the cover and tried to test the wires (saw some sparks, which I realized I didn’t turn-off the right switch in the “main-box” in my basement). After find the “right-switch” I cleaned the inside of the “door bell” trigger and cleaned a little by the wires (no electric sparks..thank God!) and then tighten the wires again. I tested the door bell again and it worked! Halleluah!

How to figure out what’s broken about your doorbell and fix it

Doorbells are pretty simple machines, but somehow they still break all the time. They are pretty easy to fix usually, and this video will teach you how to figure out what part of your doorbell is broken and then repair it yourself.”

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