Dream Deja Vu Experience: Scheels Arena in Fargo, North Dakota

Ever had a dream and clueless of what it was all about? … Then some time later, you experienced it in “real life”? Well, I had this type of “deja vu” experience…again! I’ll share my other experiences sometime later. I’m currently looking at my dream notebook (I try to write down as much as possible on the dreams I have on this notebook that I “try” to put besides my bed) and feel the date of this dream was on Tuesday, September 13th of last month. I started to realize this “deja vu” experience this past weekend. I was invited by some friends to volunteer as an usher in this youth event a week before this event as I told them I was looking at going to Fargo, North Dakota. They told me about this youth event last month, so I wrote this on my calender. When the event was coming close, I wanted to schedule a time to visit some friends while I came to this event. Well, my schedule somehow worked out for last weekend to drive to Fargo. I haven’t been to this city for close to over a year, so I was very excited to come. When I drove up this past Saturday (October 8th of 2011), I began to see my dream come to “real life”. I took this route (32nd Ave.) and began to see things that were in my dream. I started to get more sensitive and focus more on this area (Great Plains). Several block later, I reached Scheels Arena. I was first amazed of the new place as I haven’t been to Fargo for a long time. As I was scouting the place to look around the arena, I started to see another (not sure now if these two different locations were the same or different separate dreams) dream come alive…

“Located west of the arena, which the back of the arena was very familiar”

I quickly started to prayer (intercede) as it matched this dream I had. There were shootings going on in this particular area. I couldn’t fully remember what was really going on, but I just felt I needed to prayer. It then came to me that going to this event was very key and that this youth event was not just an ordinary get-together. I started to prayer “a lot” more than usual as I came in to the arena.

Here is another “key” moment: I came to volunteer as an usher and got together with some folks from a local church I was invited to help out. They told us to get into groups of 7, so we decided to team together. The organizer began to assign groups to particular sections around the arena. I believe we were the 4th or 5th group to be assigned and we ended up in Section 116. ..

“Getting ready to greet the crowd before they came through our section”

As we got to our section, we realize this was the “main entrance” where folks will be entering. Wow, we felt very privileged. I then shared my dream with some folks and said we weren’t put here by accident. I then began to pray more and then they started to open the gates for the people to come into the arena. I started to “try” praying for each individual that came through our section. Well, here was the result…


Impact World Tour Day #2 (Fargo, ND on Sat, Oct 8th 11)-GX International: Life of Purpose Part 2of2

The next night was also “impact full” as the them or group was “Island Breeze”. I wanted to go to Fargo to visit a friend of mine that I met last summer when he worked in Morris. He attends school at NDSU and invited him for last night’s event, but he couldn’t make it. I persistently invited him to the local church I’m connected with in Fargo, but he wasn’t able to make it. Another friend (Aric) and I decided to go at least visit him. I wanted to at least see him in person before heading back to Morris. I met him along with his housemates (also from India in their residential apartments (International Village across the Fargo Dome). After hanging out, we (Aric and I) went back to Scheels Arena for tonight’s event. I wanted to go earlier because I found out there was a prayer group from IHOP


… praying 10am-10pm during these 3-day outreach events underneath the stands of the stadium. Right after praying, I got a text from my friend that he was planning to come, which I was very excited!

Impact World Tour Day #3 (Fargo, ND on Sun., Oct 9th 11′) -Island Breeze-Hawaiian Performance

My friends and I had to sit back in the arena because I wasn’t expecting all 3 of them to come. I was expecting only 1 of them, which I saved a seat for him up front by the stage with folks from the local church I attended earlier in the day. They seem to enjoy the event and I was able to introduce them with the friends from the local church…


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*please be in prayer for the follow-up of this “city-moving” event and feel free to contact me on any feedback (e.g. input, prayer requests, etc..)