Reflection of 2008-What was your highlight of the year?

Despite the “economic” outlook of 2008, I’m looking forward (e.g. Minnesota Vikings football team going to their first playoffs in 4 years!) to the “New Year” because of my trust (see FAITH) in God! Please pray for wisdom and knowledge that I can share with giving “hope” for the community (Stevens County) I live in through Steven’s Forward. I’ve faced some challenges in the past and gone this far-with God’s help! Going to keep persevering! I’ve watched many movies (evil vs. Good), which it looks like “evil” was winning; however, Good comes overtop at the end. That’s the way I see it in our daily life challenges or battles. We go through seasons (e.g. Winter, Spring, Summer, etc…) in life, but we know it’s not going to last forever. Don’t give-up no matter what circumstances you go through. The Heavenly Father- Creator has a plan and purpose in your life! …..

….I thanked Him for this blessing, which I asked Him how I can use it to bless others. I hope and pray that you too can ask God how you can bless/give to those who are “unfortunate”. In 2008, I challenge you all to “Count Your Blessings” before going to bed; no matter what circumstances you faced during each day! Feel free to contact me (e-mail me your own reflections of the past year or keep me updated throughout this new year or even let me know of any particular prayer requests-I’m part of a weekly morning prayer group through my local church) .