Helping the poor?

How can you help the poor? After these past several days watching a couple of documentaries (“Adopt a Jesus” and another one about “stuff” we waste) and being part of a community panel on “Welcoming Newcomers”, I’ve felt the need to now “take action”! Especially after tonight (Wednesday, November 4th of 2009-every Wednesdays at the Morris Elementary School-Community Ed in Morris, Minnesota) when I chatted with one of my GED students on the “need” of a “Community-type Soup Kitchen” to feed the “poor”. This particular student (single-parent mom) shared her emotional story with me how she was in a season of “survival”. By “God’s grace” she was able to get through it with her family; however, she feels that our community “needs” to come-up with some type of service in “feeding the poor”.   With frustration in her voice, she suggested that local restaurants should keep their “leftovers” instead of throwing it. They can use this and donate it to feed the “hungry” in our community..

Jonathan Bloom: Wasted Food

I told her, I thought we really don’t have such a big problem in “rural-town” like Morris. Then she told me “no way”, there are many people who are struggling. I personally feel it “might” get worse with our current and predicted future economic situation, so “we” (as a local community and elsewhere) need to be prepared!

How can you-we help the “poor”?

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