Avatar the Movie Reflections-Importance of Cultural Awareness

I decided to watch the movie “Avatar” as the curiosity of the “reviews” I’ve heard of this movie. I thought the movie was “better” than what I expected…the 3-D effects was just a bonus!! I’ve heard the many various “issues” (e.g. war, environmentalism, spiritual, etc…) raised in the different reviews about this movie. From my personal interest, I thought this movie taught about the importance of “cultural awareness“. If the human led “security forces” (e.g. U.S. Military) would “get to know” the Na’vi people (e.g. indigenous people in our world), which they “somewhat” did (e.g. teaching English) with some more patience-the “force” with weapons could have been avoided. It may not work all the time, but this course of “alternative” action can show the rest of the world some peaceful resort was being considered. Does our current world’s modern military do this? Are the decisions being made by a certain group of individuals? Is Greed for power behind it?

Q: What are your thoughts?


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I was able to reflect on this during the annual Men’s Retreat I go to each year with my local church. I remember giving my life to Christ (Stage #1) back in 1996 towards the end of my freshmen year due to several circumstances (see personal testimony). After giving my life to Christ, it was just a up-hill journey  as I learned (Stage #2) more about being a Christian.  I felt like on was on a “Spiritual High” (Stage #3) during my last year in college and after.  I wanted to share the “Good News” with “everybody!! However, during this stage, I somewhat didn’t have any sensitivity towards others (e.g. “non” Christians). I kind of look “down” at them and even other Christians (e.g. those in Stage #4) as I couldn’t understand how Christians would “backslide” or be “angry at God”.  It was because I never been in their “shoes before”…until years later when I went through some tough “life challenges” in my Christian walk…

“Morning Sunrise” at Inspiration Point-Clitherall, Minnesota

During this season (Stage #4), I became more compassionate towards others in the similar “boat” (Christians and “Non”).  However, I would dwell in this stage for awhile because I didn’t want to associate too much with others.   I kind of went to my “cave” and didn’t want to deal with other people’s “own challenges”.  I was afraid I would cause others to “fall” like I did.  I then slowly crawled out of “my pit” (somewhat repeated my  “old” habits or “lifestyle” before I became a Christian or ever my “early years”).

I’m currently “working back” towards the 5th Stage as I feel I’ve been in this stage before, but retreated back towards the 4th at times the past year or so due to “selfish” reasons and “challenges”. However, after this retreat, I’ve learned that I can’t waste my time doing what I’ve been doing lately because I want to help my fellow “comrades” (brothers and sisters in Christ) in Stage #4 and help “mentor” those in Stage 1-3 with the help of co-working with those in the stages (5 & 6) ahead! Praise the Lord?…PRAISE THE LORD! HALLELUAH!