Are the holidays a joyous time?

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“We’re told that the holidays are a time for celebration, joy and happiness, but some find it to be a season of sadness, loneliness and frustration. What are your expectations for this holiday season?”

I thought the holidays are supposed to be the most joyful time of the year? Why isn’t this so? I think it’s because of the way we “focus”? We envy or compared others with our situation. If the have it, we want it too. Well, the world doesn’t work that way. We are all different and we all go through different circumstance. Others receive differently then we do. I was listening to this guy on t.v. on “one of many ways” to deal with death of a love one during the holiday season. Besides reflecting the “good times” with this individual with others that knew him or her, take sometime to refocus on “other” people by volunteering. Look for a group of those “less fortunate” (e.g. visit someone sick in the hospital or befriend someone with a disability, feed or give to the hungry/poor at a local food shelf or homeless shelter, etc…) and help them, teach literacy to someone (ESL or help them get their GED), etc..The list goes on, just reflect on what you are blessed with and ask yourself how you can be a blessing to someone in need.

Q: What are you bless with?
Q: What are other ways we can bless-give to someone “less fortunate” than us in “need”?

This will help you to “refocus” away from your “negative” situation into a “joyful-positive” situation.

Q: What are some other ways to be more joyful during the holidays?