Ever been “followed” at a store?

Ever been “followed” at a store? An “old” college buddy of mine shared his experiences of this “common trend” amongst “ethnic-minorities”, which makes one feel as they are the only ones that face this. I did this blog to show that this happens very often and see if “we” can “do something” about this “problem”. Is it really a problem? Why?

I experience this “everywhere” (cities and rural town I currently live at)! In fact, I probably faced this more in the cities-usually shopping at some “elite” department store at a mall in the suburbs. I don’t “shop” as much as I used to after living in this current “peaceful” rural college community, so I can’t really share any recent stories. The most recent one I can remember was shopping at a mall and I was being “followed”. Since I’ve became a Christian in 1996, I’ve learned how to deal with it “more Christ-like“. I asked the store employee boldly with a strong voice, “How are you doing, sir/mam”? I started chatting with them and they stopped “following” me. Try it? Let me know how this goes?

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Yeah, we don’t live in perfect “rosy” world, which I wasn’t always like this. I used to respond, “I don’t need any help!”, after they ask me “Can I help you?”.

Prior to writing this blog, I thought of a related “racist?” experience that happened in the town I currently live at. As an “active” member of this community, I’ll keep the name of the service “anonymous” (I’ve learned how to forgive). When I came here (Morris, MN) as a freshmen, I wasn’t sure where would be a good place to get a hair cut. I went to this “beauty salon” place to get a haircut. Well, I got a “quick” hair cut and the lady never brushed my “cut hair” from my face or neck. It’s like if she wanted me out of there! I never had this happen to me before, which I was shocked and didn’t know how to react. As a young college student still learning this “rural college community” living, I didn’t “boldly” complained. I just left that place mad (kept it in)…

… and said to myself, “I’ll never come here again!”. Unfortunately, a student (Hispanic-American) I teach English too just went through this same experience. As a “community activist”, I feel something needs to be done! I plan to share this with some “key” community leaders and will let you all know what happens. Have you faced or know of any similar experiences? Feel free to share your story!