How can we make Our Homes Be Filled With “Dancing?”

How can we make Our Homes Be Filled With “Dancing?”

Is there dancing at your home? Remember the “good ole days” when growing-up at home was joyful (e.g. parents showing love & affection for one another)? If not, sorry to hear about that. There is probably a reason why, please read on. Life seem to be a lot “joyful” growing-up as a kid and somehow life did a 180′ and the joy left the home. My family seem more happy when we didn’t have much money as we were together more. I wonder why? As I got older, I came up with my own personal conclusion. It might not be for everybody, but I feel it was because of “sin” (e.g. greed for not just only money, but other “worldly” material) entered the home. I mean, sin was always around, but “more” came in. As I reflect my “past life”, I saw the “sin” that entered the home and it was like a “fire” that just went out of control.

“Candle fire Story”

For example, you ever light a candle? Imagine if other people had a candle too in the same house during a power outage. Let say two individuals started fighting over which candle was “bigger”. The fight gets out of control. Then that candle besides them fell and started a fire. It was a small fire, which could’ve been put out. Unfortunately, these individuals continued to fight over whose fault it was of this small fire. They continue to fight and another candle falls. This starts a second fire and the first one goes out of control. It becomes to late as two separate fires are going and then spreads throughout the whole house. Well, this fire is like “sin” and if we don’t stop it early enough, it gets out of control. Depending on the size of the house fire, it can spread throughout the neighborhood, community, city, county, state, etc…

I hope you can understand where I’m going. If I could go back in time, there are a lot of things I would’ve changed. Some significant events where not entirely under my control, but that’s how Satan works. He wants to destroy the home life. Instead of “pointing my fingers” (e.g. blame game) at some individuals because that’s what Satan wants to do-cause us to be angry and fight one another; I rather start with myself. I made some “wrongful” choices as a kid that increased this “fire” of sin that already existed in my family (see family testimony). I know I wasn’t a Christian at the time, which is why I’m big in sharing the Gospel (e.g. via website) that others will NOT make the same mistake I did.

“Take Action”

What can we do now? Depending the size of the fire, I encourage you to ask God and read the Bible (His Word of advice). Seek Him and ask Him what you can do because each individual’s situation is different. I’m currently listening to some Christian music. I feel this is a start as having “God” Word played constantly in your house brings a positive atmosphere. If you are “mad” with an individual, ask God to forgive you and then ask Him how to reconcile (e.g. ask each other to forgive one another too) with that individual. Remember, Satan (“father of lies”) just wants us to “fight” and he gets a laugh of us doing this. Let’s stop entertaining him (e.g. wrestling or boxing match). Like one of my favorite rock bands’ song beginning line…”What we got here is failure to communicate”. Satan wants to distort each others’ communication, which is why we have fights or wars in the world-a total misunderstanding. Don’t let Satan tell lies to you about the individual you are mad or you’ll end up like that story (above) of two people fighting that caused the candle to cause a fire. The sooner you “reconcile” with individuals you are made, the sooner you can stop the fire from spreading and making more damage.

hear our praises

Another advice I can give when preventing “fires” to spread in your own home or elsewhere is “fireproof”. Ever seen the movie “Fireproof” (see Life-Marriage, Weddings, Covenant with God, etc… Outreach)? It just dawns on me what it might mean, we need to wear that “armor of God” (Ephesians 6). Put it on right away when you get up. What do you do when you get up from bed or after a shower? You put your clothes on that you are going to wear that day, right? You wouldn’t go outside naked, right? Well, that’s that same thing as a Christian. Remember, Satan has a “target” on your head when you get up each morning. Like a military solder, you have to put that “armor of God” each day because life is a battle-war zone.


Updated (6.19.16): Sing songs to feel God’s presence..

Music: Prayer-“Come & let Your presence fill this place..

Music: New Song-“Rise Up”

Q: What can we do to fill our homes, neighborhood, communities, etc.. with “dancing”?