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Today (Wednesday, July 8th of 2009) I had to write about some “cool” updated good news!! I went to get my eye exam the other day (Monday), which was long over due-over 3 years since my last eye exam. It’s recommended to get this done ever 2 years or so… Well, I went to get my eye exam and the readings have improved!! Halleluah! Praise the Lord! My right eye improved from -1 to +3 something…Of course, I had to get a new prescription. I’ll have the exact numbers when I pick my glasses next time I head to the Twin Cities. I know my eyes has improved because earlier last year when I passed my “behind-the-wheel” bus driving test and was going to get my license, I passed my eye exam to exempt or get my “need glasses” taken out of my old drivers license. I contribute this improvement to God giving me “wisdom” on how to improve my eyes by seeking online to improve my eye sight in various ways:

-taking breaks from being online (e.g. doing websites like theses)
-eating a healthier diet (e.g. was “diagnose” close to border-line diabetic unless I change my “lifestyle”)
-praying for healing
-therapy exercises (close one eye for 5 minutes and swith to the other eye to help strengthen both of them)
-taking Lueten vitamins (see down below) in a regular basis (at least once a week)

What’s next? I just gotta keep maintaining this “healthy” lifestyle and hope to encourage others in similar health problems to live a healthier lifestyle. With God…all things are possible! Amen? AMEN!!

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Do you have any other tips to improve your eye sight?


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