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Somali in America


Somalis help transform small city in Maine


What Is The History Behind Our Somali-American Community?

Hussein Farah—Green Card Voices

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Finding Minnesota: Karmel Plaza

Ami on the Street: America or Somalia – you might be surprised

-St. Cloud

How a Somali Refugee Is Creating Community in Minnesota″>Conversations lead to acceptance of Somali refugees By AUSTEN MACALUS November 2, 2019

“People have been fed so many fabricated things that are totally made up — things that are not true. I don’t feel offended about things that are not true,” she said. “I explain why they are not true.”


A 2015 community survey found residents’ trust of Somali people has increased in Central Minnesota: 73% of St. Cloud-area residents said they trusted Somalis, up from 56% of residents in 2010…

However, Ringsmuth says she still believes about one in four residents hold hard-line views opposed to immigrants and refugees. And the “growing rampant Islamophobia” under President Donald Trump, she said, has emboldened those with anti-Muslim views.


Postcards: Somali Culture in Willmar

Diversity and inclusion in Willmar, MN


Somali | Next Door Neighbors | NPT


Facts you never knew about Somalia

Somalia Country

Amazing Facts about Somalia | Africa Profile | Focus on Somalia

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Africa Profile with Focus on Somalia. Here are 10 Facts about Somalia. Let us know what you have learnt about Somalia in the comment section. Lets keep leaning about Africa


Origins of the Somali civil war

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