Back in April 25th of 2014, I did some research and found this new “expensive” air filter that supposedly helps lower my gas mileage. I ordered it and right when I was about to put it in, a friend (mechanic for over 20+ years) recommended me to put a cool air-intake valve in my 2000 Toyota Corolla after sharing my lack of power. It cost about $200 on I thought it would be worth it in the long run as he told me it will not only increase my engine power, but also my gas mileage. Well, he did install it, but it wouldn’t fit-meaning the preexisting “circular” tubes connecting to the rest of my engine wouldn’t connect with the “square-size” tube of my new cool air intake valve. When I drove, I would have problems with my engine as it would just stall as I would try to drive from my driveway or continue after stopping at an intersection. I thought this was just an off and on preexisting “troubleshooting” mechanical issue in the past (I tried to fix this by putting new spark plugs/new tune-up after seeing a local mechanic that wasn’t able to figure this out too).

*This isn’t my video, but thought this was a good video that I found that shows the power of the cool air intake valve!

Well, one weekend (February 20th in 2015) trip going to the cities, I had he worst experience with this. Somehow the connection of the intake and engine got disconnected somehow (probably from a strong jolt in the vehicle). When I was driving through St. Paul, I had problems accelerating after almost ever intersection. I even decided to videotape one and was able to record the car behind me! I decided this was it and it was time to get another profession mechanic to hopefully find a solution.

When I got to St. Paul, I was able to schedule my vehicle the next day. At this time, I wasn’t sure the exact “issue” as I thought it might be the battery (the positive and negative cables) being loose. The same place I took it in a month ago suggested me to get this looked at. However, in between this time in Morris, I was able to fix the looseness of the battery. Thus, I felt this wasn’t the issue. On Saturday morning after I dropped my vehicle, they called and told me it was an issue with the electronic sensor. They estimated (Master Brake Sensor) it to cost $400 to replace my existing electronic device. I was like , what???!! …they they replied, “if” that is the major issue. An hour or so later, they told me it wasn’t. I was half and half relieved. Relieved that I don’t have to pay the $400, but not relieved that they couldn’t figure out the problem. I then walked there and picked it up and got more frustrated after I left as I had a tougher time driving it home. I got stalled in the middle of the street (2 cars had to go around me-somewhat embarrassing), but I was fortunately able to restart it and continue to drive home to my parents. I was very frustrated and decided to “google” a possible solution. I don’t remember if I did specifically pray, but I found this site “Custom Cold air intake v2 for my corolla”-“silicone rubber” that gave me a great idea on the solution of the “irregular” connection problem. I want to thank God for this “idea” as I feel it was the wisdom (see spiritual gifts) from the Lord!. Praise Jesus!




I drove to the local auto shop, but they didn’t have this particular 4″ to 3.5″ 102mm – 89mm Silicone hose straight reducer coupler, Black, turbo,USA part. I was about to go to the hardware store, but they were closed…bummer! I wasn’t too stressed about it as I thought finding this solution was a HUGE relief and I was willing to wait till I get to the Menards in Alexandria, where I’ll stop along the way back to Morris. I took several visits in various hardware stores in Morris to find the “right one” (actually a 4″ to 4″ Silicone Coupler did the job! I then put black duck tape around the coupling to make it more sturdy and haven’t had any problems since…praise the Lord!




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