I used to just ignore any stories relating to UFO’s in the past as I thought they were just “fake” and just part of science-fiction. The past year, I started to be more open-minded to it as a close-friend was so into astronomy’s mysteries. One day, I ran into this book called “”Is Something Out there” by Dale White Scholastic Book Services @1968″. I decided to read it while waiting for a “friend” to finish with her dental appointment at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). I was so fascinated of the many stories of personal encounters with UFO’s that I couldn’t help put the book down. I decided to search some of these stories (see New Hampshire) and shared it on my personal “search about life” website..


I then remembered talking to some friends (Christians) who had some personal encounters themselves. I decided to do this blog this evening as a way to collect all these stories from people (very close) that I know personally enough to build the credibility. Here are just some:

*Initials are just made up to keep the person anonymous because too many people that experience these are afraid of ridicule

R.R. shared about her husband sharing how he saw an U.F.O. out in the farm fields late in the evening.

M.O. shared in September of this year about how he encountered a U.F.O. with a friend at a very young age. It was an amazing experience for him, which he and this friend all grown-up still share about this unique one-time experience in the state he grew-up in south of Minnesota.

B.B. shared in September about how he went camping in southern Minnesota and saw this red light from a U.F.O.

J.P. shared this evening about how he saw a U.F.O. with a green light that would stay still and then zoom quickly in the state of Alabama.


One thought on “Got any UFO-Alien sighting stories?

  1. C.H.. shared this with me, whom I met online (chatroom) just 3 days ago

    “alright sounds good. im sure you will enjoy this one cause it is true. and i hope you are the first to completely believe it without questioning me first, but if you must, please do. i will be glad to answer any questions about this story that you are questioning. for i am positive it is real. and if you do use this story just let people know that it is my story. please dont steal it but for some reason i can trust me.

    my name is C.H. and this is my personal account of a close encounter of a third kind.

    I was ten years old sleeping in the family room of my cousins house. we were laying on the floor with a TV at our feet and a coffee table right behind our heads. i was on the lefthandside of my cousin. i awoke cold in the middle of the night (i dont not know what time it actually was). i reached over for a blanket that was folded next to me. as i was reaching over something made me look in the direction behind the coffee table.( like when someone catches your eye from across the room cause the were staring at you). on the other side of the room i saw a figure standing, kind of blending into the moonlight of the room. i was so shocked of what i saw i immediately laid down after a 2-3 second stare of disbelief. i did not see it long but the image still haunts me today.

    this is how i would describe it.

    it didnt look solid but more transparent in a way. it looked to have some sort of markings all over its body, or maybe it was just part of it. it was very tall, about 6-8 feet to guess. it had easy to reconize eyes, not big like with the typical grey, but glowing like a dim lighted laser pointer bulb in a way. really long arms. lanky but not real skinny. i did not get a good look at the legs.

    after i laid back down i was as stiff as a board staring wide eyed at the ceiling. first i was thinking to myself what was that? was it looking at me? was it really there? and about of minute of laying there scared out of my witts i was calming myself. believing it was just the dark playing tricks with my eyes. once i started beleiving that, i heard a hard step in the part of the room where i saw the figure. (directly behind the coffee table near the far wall)
    followed by some sort of drag sound on the carpet. followed by another step then the drag sound. when i was hearing this i thought it has to be my older cousin joking or something, what walks it that matter? what ever it was, it was getting closer and closer to my cousins righthand side. the step/drag sound was right next to my cousin. on the other side of the moving steps was a window with moonlight shining in and i caught a silhouette
    of the being.

    i could tell right off that this thing was smaller than the figure i saw before, this one being 3-4 feet. i did havea decent sized head
    a slight chin and no nose from what i saw of the silhouette. it was looking around bu going the same slow “step drag” speed ( about 1 second in between the sounds each time.) there was a VCR on top of the TV at our feet that flashed the 12:00. when it flashed it lit up a tiny bit of the being. all i saw from the light was a really smoothe looking surface and green in color.

    at this time i was scared shitless i shut my eyes and started hypervenilating. but trying my best to keep my breath quiet. i also was pinching myself making sure i was awake. i was trying to punch my cousin to wake him up but he never did. the being sound cirlced around us for about 5 cycles. everytime feeling its foot or whatever stepping right next to my ear. i remember thinking about grabbing its ankles and all this but what would it have done to me? hen finally i heard the step/drag getting further way going toward the bathroom down the hall. i heard the faucet turn on, then off. then on agian for a while this time so i cocked my head in that direction to see if i could catch another glimpse of it. but i did not see anything in the bathroom even when the faucet turned back off (from my angle i should have seen what was infront of the sink but nothing was there i also had a vision of the full door.) nothing else happened i stood up till morning staring at the bathroom door but nothing came out. it just simple dissapeared.

    everyone i told this story too thinks i am lying, or was actually asleep, ect. but i promise you it truely did happen. or im completely crazy cause for some reason when i tell this story it alaways makes me tear in fear. i hope you enjoyed it if there are any ?s at all please ask i will be glad to answer them. 3 days ago

    My email reply:

    Hi C.H.

    Thanks for taking that time to write this! I’m curious where you from (city, state?)? Do you live by any military bases (many sightings occur by them for some reason)? Did you watch a lot of sci-fi, horror , etc.. movies prior to this experience because we sometimes feed or mind with a lot of things that we sometimes don’t notice (I’ll share some psychological stuff later)..

    C.H’s response..

    when this occured i was living in denver colorado. and naw i really did not watch any sort of sci fi nor did i believe in aliens. but thanks for the storys and site i will be glad to check it out cause ever since that experience i’ve been zoned in on aliens lol

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