I decided to watch the movie “Avatar” as the curiosity of the “reviews” I’ve heard of this movie. I thought the movie was “better” than what I expected…the 3-D effects was just a bonus!! I’ve heard the many various “issues” (e.g. war, environmentalism, spiritual, etc…) raised in the different reviews about this movie. From my personal interest, I thought this movie taught about the importance of “cultural awareness“. If the human led “security forces” (e.g. U.S. Military) would “get to know” the Na’vi people (e.g. indigenous people in our world), which they “somewhat” did (e.g. teaching English) with some more patience-the “force” with weapons could have been avoided. It may not work all the time, but this course of “alternative” action can show the rest of the world some peaceful resort was being considered. Does our current world’s modern military do this? Are the decisions being made by a certain group of individuals? Is Greed for power behind it?

Q: What are your thoughts?


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