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Yes, I (Sal) have to admit, I was a Michael Jackson fan back in the 80’s until college. I still love his music and I believe we should not judge him-that’s God’s business on “Judgment Day!”!

Michael Jackson “King of Pop”

Today (Thursday, June 25th of 2009) I found out about the death of MJ. I first read that he was admitted to the hospital and then would later found out he died through a friend’s facebook post. Then my sister called and would watch more videos on CNN later in the evening. I then decided to post this question on my Twitter account…

How are you going to help “heal the world…and make it a better place?”

This death was somewhat unexpected as this was BIG news. We really never saw this coming as you would see when a person is sick or ill. This shows how life is very precious and we need to question ourselves, are we ready to die? We are all going to die someday, but many of us don’t want to die without “making a difference” in our families, neighborhoods, communities, state, nation, and/or world. If you did die today “unexpectedly”, would you know if you are going to Heaven?

Michael Jackson is certainly the “king of pop”. Jesus was, is, and will always be “King” and “Lord” of my life? What about you?
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Michael Jackson Tribute Artist Spreads Love in NYC

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