Religious: Jehovah Witness

A Personal Encounter with Jehovah Witnesses this past Saturday morning-Are you prepared to know what to say to them?

I decided to do this site today (Monday, May 4th of 2009) after getting “another” visit from the JW. Also, a “brother in Christ” just e-mailed me about his “visit” to a nearby Kingdom Hall. I’m anxious to hear about his story! I decided to equip myself better for the next visit by re “” some good sites and add them below. While chatting a good hour (10a-11am-an unexpected visit, which shows we need to have that “feet of readiness”-Ephesians 6) with them (2 of them) this past weekend:

They quoted Jesus’ “Our Father, who art in Heaven…” famous “sample” prayer, which I told them that “sample prayer” about “Kingdom (Heaven/Eternity) will come” can also be interpreted that It’ll not only come tomorrow, but TODAY too! I stated, “We need to live for today” despite all the “troubles” (e.g. “swine flu”) we hear about all the time. I was remembered this verse…

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”Hebrews 13:8

I (Sal) shared this verse after “encouraging them” about the “same power that rose Him from the grave is within us” (from Hillsong London). They look at me as if they never heard of it or wondering where it was in the Bible. I would later find out (search down below) that this book-Hebrews-is a good book to share with JW’s! Unfortunately, I was the one that ended our meeting as I stood up in the middle of this great conversation or Bible study time, which I look back and don’t know why-probably was trying to finish my “Saturday” morning chores (I was doing laundry that morning). It seem like they were “thirsty” as their doctrine-belief was “dry”. I prayed that evening for them and ended-up e-mailing one (met before through a community gathering) of them about a topic that seem to spark their interest-“Fireproof the Movie”. Earlier, we had a talk about many “marriage problems” that I have encountered with many people “lately”. As I write this, it seems like this “issue” on “marriage” has had a deep scar in these two individuals. Later that day, I shared this with a brother in Christ at this monthly get-together. He told me that when he had JW’s come, he stumped them with this question-“What made you join the JW’s?”. The individual JW started to “open-up” about his alcoholism. I’ll try to remember to ask this questions or something close and personal. Then this can be an opportunity for “Believers” to share their own testimony-instead of trying to get into a “theological debate”. Please pray that the “seeds of faith” that has been sown in their lives will continue to be watered and the “Truth will set them free”…God bless!!

Q: What have been your experiences with them?  Are you ready to know what to say to them?


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