2008 “Earth Day Reflection”

We sometimes forget and admire God’s creation around us when we get a “tunnel vision” in our daily busy lives-especially the BIG cities! I (Sal) challenge you all to at times go out to enjoy nature’s beauty and explore God’s beautiful creation (e.g. plants, animals, sky, etc..). I picked-up snowboarding this past winter to just get outside from being inside all the time. I would stand on top of the hill and just have a conversation with my Heavenly Father. I looked around the top of the hill where I started and marveled the view Well, “Happy Earth Day”…

As I wrote the above reflection on my facebook wall, I remembered my time when I visited the Philippines back in 2001. I didn’t realize how clean we got it back in the U.S. (well, maybe just Minnesota-Morris especially)! My nose was itchy and I blew my nose to get the dirt and never saw much dirt from my nose in one blow! It was from just going through the heavily densed polluted metro city of Manila (captial of the Philippines). It’s so bad there that 3M’s face masks would be sold out there!

We need to keep our environment clean-not just for us, but the future generations that will be coming behind us!

Past Earth Day Activities

I remember growing-up in east St. Paul and our school had all the students plant trees at a nearby park (Battle Creek). It was always a memorable experience because we had the chance to just get out of the classroom and enjoy the weather outside. I then came home all muddy and dirty, but it was all worth it.

Just several years later, I went to Middle School or Junior High-we did an all day activity by cleaning up the neighborhood around the school. The group I was part of went across the street to this wooded creek area to pick-up trash. Since then, I’ve grown-up naturally to just pick-up trash around me-well, I try most of the time! What can we learn from this? We need to teach the young generation “good habits” of keeping God’ creation clean while they are young. Thus, they’ll do unto the next generation!


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