Marriage/Couple Relationship Challenges

I’m not married yet (Nov 06′); however, I would like to share some wisdom from God’s word after many recent incidents (e.g. friend’s boyfriend “pushed her around”, so she went to a guy’s friend’s house overnight this past week; parents’ going through a season of challenges again; friends just broke-up; co-worker asked me to work for her as she is going through a “mental breakdown”; financial challenges; etc.. & also from my own personal family.) lately. My personal input is the need of God to be the center of your marriage relationship-this means have Jesus the Lord of your finances, house, jobs, totally everything…(learn more!). I believe there is some “spiritual attacks”, which the “man of the house” needs to be equipped to combat the enemy-Satan-“he” wants to divide whatever God brings together! When I was at my parents’ house one weekend, I notice the “tension”. I decided to do what I do at my house, which is playing “Christian music” 24/7 in various volumes (low at night and loud during the day). Somehow this brings a “positive”, “peaceful”, “God present”-environment; try it! I could say most or all of the recent incidents is caused by the “lack of fellowship/socializing” with others (better with believers/Christians because of the encouragement to build one another up in a “Godly” way!). We need to be part of a “community” that helps support one another, which is one of the reasons why I love it at Morris. -Finances Still not married (July 7th of 2007) as I write more on this topic. This has been a growing and on-going issue in my intermediate family, so I decided to “google” on this. I found some interesting advice…

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