Welcome to Goodnewseverybody.com! This is a blog site to encourage, up-lift, and inspire each other in our “negative” world (e.g. media). I’ve made different sites on as many topics (e.g. sports, music, education, etc..) I can with a “positive” outlook. Surf the sites and find one that you have an interest on. I’m always looking for feedback (e.g. suggestion)…

One thought on “Hello world! Do you know what’s the good news everybody?

  1. Hi,

    Yes, we (western world) sometimes get caught-up with our busy lives trying to make money to “get by in life”. However, we sometimes forget what the meaning of life is? Some say God, family, friends, love ones, etc….What is the meaning of life for you? We don’t realize what the answer is until we face “dying” circumstances or any of the above mentioned is taken away from you. We take things (e.g. water, food, shelter, health, etc…) for granted sometimes and don’t realize how much they mean to us until it is take away. What are you grateful for or thankful for?

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